Alamany’s advice for those who are planning to buy real estate in Turkey

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Naturally, people who are going to buy real estate in Turkey get confused about determining the right options, as knowing that the Turkish real estate market is large and diverse, along with providing options that meet all desires and budgets. But the main obstacle for many, however, is how to determine what is really convenient for them as well as suits their budget so as to purchase the property without falling into the trap of fraud, exploitation or delay in delivering the property after the purchase. In fact, the real estate consultant’s role here is to preserve the buyer’s rights and showing all the details before the contract is concluded.


 Who is the real estate consultant?

A person who is an expert in residential investment and commercial property projects that has a close relationship with construction companies and real estate agents, which is based on formal contracts that is directly concluded between the marketing company working for it and the construction companies, which allows him or her to present the appropriate options to the customer without being bound by a single project or construction company. Unlike agents and marketers who are associated to a particular construction company or project, which is a strong point that must not be overlooked in order to satisfy the customer’s interest.


 What are the duties of a consultant?

The real estate consultant makes proposals for customers according to their desires and budgets by showing all the details of the property, starting with the project site, features, external and internal specifications, also, the property index value over time, Along with, indicating its status of constructions and all legal aspects around it. What is more, his tasks expand into negotiations with the entrepreneur so as to obtain the highest possible value for the property that meets the client’s wishes.


 Summary about the duties of real estate consultant

  • Determining the property requirements needed according to the client’s request.
  • Helping the client to choose the right property and providing enough recommendations and suggestions.
  • Creating real estate listings that are compatible with the client’s needs, In addition to taking into consideration their budget.
  • Reviewing the real estate plans with the customer, preparing options, and showing the available features.
  • Showing all the legal procedures concerning the property and shedding light on any negative point that may opposed with the purpose of the purchase.
  • Being a mediator, Along with negotiating between the client and the construction company.
  • Coordinating the dates for field visits and explaining the characteristics as well as the features of the property being visited.
  • Coordinating sales operations and supervising on signing contracts, In addition to the payment of financial receivables.


 Alamany’s advice for those who are planning to buy real estate in Turkey

If you are going to buy property in Turkey, the best solution to reach your desire is seeking the help of an expert real estate consultant who will guarantee your rights and offers you options that fit your budget and much your motive to buy the property , Whether , it is investment , residential or commercial. It saves you not to fall into needless problems that initially may appear simple but deepen and unfold over time. So always trust that : “ there is no disappointment with consultation”

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