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So  the extraction of the title deed, or what is known by the Tapu,  is one of the most important stages when buying a property in Turkey


In fact, it is an official document that is given to the property owner as proof of his ownership. Besides, it is the last stage when purchasing a property in Turkey, and without this document, a person’s ownership of any property in Turkey cannot be avowed


So, here the method of getting the title deed, it is carried out by the Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey in a short time and quick transactions, especially for foreign investors


The most important information of the title deed document are : 

  • Property address
  • Registration number for the land on which the building is built
  • The total area of ​​the land on which the building is built
  • Property Area, Floor, and Building Number as well
  • Property value, in Turkish lira
  • A personal photo of the property owner
  • In addition to, important personal information of the owner.


What are the documents needed to obtain a Tapu? 

  • Translated ID and passport
  • Tax Number
  • One photo of the seller and two photos of the buyer
  • “Disk Sejourtasse” or what is known as earthquake and disaster insurance.
  • Personal power of attorney if the applicant is acting on behalf of the person concerned in completing the purchase process.


What is more, an investor who owns a title deed in Turkey can obtain a real estate residence permit for himself and his family members for a period ranging from one to three years.


Additionally, that period can be renewed every time its term expires, with taking into account that the title deed, the (Tabu), must be presented at the residency renewal interview.


Thus, it’s one of the facilities provided by the Turkish government, such as obtaining Turkish citizenship through purchasing a real estate property that worth at least 250,000 dollars.


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