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Istanbul card - كرت اسطبنول

How can you buy Istanbul card and transport with the lowest cost

Istanbul card Istanbul city has a variety of public means of transport that can reach you everywhere in the city. Which makes it easy for you to visit its scenic attraction by the use of the; autobus, subway , tram, and maritime transport as well, simply by using card of Istanbul.   How to buy and charge the transportation card of Istanbul ‘’Card of Istanbul’’? Istanbul card or...

Shopping centers in Istanbul

Shopping centers in Istanbul

Istanbul shopping centers are amazing. So when you visit the city, you will not only go to parks, museums and squares, but you must be struck by the abundance of luxury shopping centers there, and equally by their huge size, In addition to, the aesthetics of their stunning construction. Istanbul has more than 200 shopping centers, among which are classified to be the best in Europe. Next, what...

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