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Bagcilar district occupies a central location in the downtown of Istanbul. Indeed, it is one of the most important as well as closest area to all vital centers, touristic and historical monuments as well. Apart from this, today it is also riding a major urban development in the formation of the new investment center along the Basin Express road.


Besides, this route, the Basin Express, is the main link between the city’s TEM and E-5 roads, which has actually increased the value of the area at the present  time, it will also positively affect on its immediate and distant future, thanks to the great interest given by the government and the Municipality of the region.


Special vital and touristic centers in the region : 

  • Istoc City : It’s a huge commercial civic with diverse industrial and commercial retail and wholesale centers, where it provides a wide range of products within a large market including various types of materials for the processing of shops. In addition to appliances, household equipment, ornamental tools, clothing and many more. Also with good prices and high-quality services.


  • · 212 Outlet Mall : It’s one of the giant shopping malls in Istanbul. Further, it has a famous high profile among locals and residents. Thanks to its distinctive downtown location, products offering and large-sale cuts campaigns. What is more, it includes distinctive displays of the most popular global brands known by their expensive products along with many other supplies.

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