Discover with us the area of Bahcesehir in Istanbul

Bahcesehir - بهتشه شهير


Bahcesehir is one of the area overseen by Basaksehir Municipality, one of the 39 Istanbul’s Municipalities. The area is far from the city center about 25 Km. Apart from this, it is one of the safest areas which interest the high-end layer, Thanks to its safe urban development. What is more, it also has a calm relaxing atmosphere, natural beauty, and charming diversity in the terrain. Furthermore, it features with details that provide psychological comfort and convenient life conditions for those who want to own ownership in Istanbul.

The features of Bahcesehir area :

  • considered a suitable area for families as more than 64% of its residents are married.
  • near to basin Express road, the most vital road in Istanbul.
  • one of the most urbanized areas in the European side of the city.
  • It has all the social facilities that a family may needs ( hospitals, schools, universities, shopping centers… etc ).
  • It has many private and government sports clubs that offer subscriptions with low prices for the residents of the region.
  • investment return in Bahcesehir is increasing year by year.
  • The area is very near by the important projects that are established in Istanbul, such as Canal Istanbul project, the third airport and the exhibition grounds as well.
  • The new metro line linking the area with the city center will provide comfort to the area’s residents and facilitate their transportation to all the city’s districts.
  • It has also many mosques, which were built in a beautiful architectural style.


Entertainment centers :

  • Mall of Istanbul
  • Akbati Mall
  • Bahcesehir Bazaar

The importance of investment :

Bahcesehir district includes many luxurious residential complexes equipped with the highest comfort and security equipment, Along with social and health facilities as well as many stores, such as shops, offices, libraries and commercial complexes. Moreover, the area affiliates to the municipality of Baskasekir is knowing great interest from investors in real estate sector. Indeed, in recent years, it has become attracting investors in light of its high real estate prices, especially the areas near the lake, where observers expect that real estate prices will rise by great rates reaching about 50 percent after the completion of the metro line project that will connect the area with all important centers of the city.

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