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Basin Express - باسن اكسبرس

Basin Express

Basin Express – The Turkish government in Istanbul has begun working on establishing major projects that comply with international standards in terms of design and service. Besides, it relied on the prepared areas, whether as infrastructure or the features that make the area and the apartments as well. Strong opportunity for investors.

The Basin Express located in the European section of Istanbul. Also, it is away a few kilometers from Ataturk Airport – Which is being equipped today to become the largest park in Europe. So, in order to prove its huge effort, the Turkish government attempts to find a new investment center in the city. Therefore, projects of investment spread on both sides of Basin Express. In addition to being distributed within its various regions and neighborhoods.

In this regard, the best Turkish and foreign expertise has been adopted in modern reconstruction projects in the Basin Express area with the purpose to become the most important investment area in Istanbul. The last ten years have witnessed an increase in the price of real estate by more than 20 times.

Transportation :

The area has a modern and interconnected transportation network, where the three main roads intersect. The main E5 road, the TEM Highway, the coast road. In addition to the area’s connection to the North Marmara Highway. That makes it a unique connection point for most international roads and highways so as to ensure easy transportation from it to all over the city.

Shopping centers :

  • Mall of Istanbul: Is one of the largest and biggest shopping centers in Turkey as well as the European continent. Along with the fact that it hosts the most important famous brands around the world, with 350 stores displaying thousands of luxury international and local brands.
  • 212 Mall : Is one of the hugest shopping malls in Istanbul. In fact, it is very famous among locals and residents thanks to its distinctive location in the city center. In addition to providing offers and big discounts. Further, it includes special offers of the most famous international brands that are known by their expensive products.


The importance of investment :

First of all, real estate projects in Basin Express area are considered a boom in the field of urban projects as well as a modern environment, thanks to all the features that were previously mentioned, In addition to the new Istanbul canal project planned to be implemented near the region to connect the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea, as this canal is considered as the new Bosphorus and we can say that it is the century project for the Turkish Republic.

What is more, real estate in Basin Express is characterized by the rise of prices periodically, as the price of real estate in some areas has increased by 45%, which means increasing the chances of profit through buying and owning in it for those who wish to invest, Along with taking into consideration that the real estate in the area is one of the finest and best in Istanbul in terms of vital and commercial areas, without the need of mentioning the promising future that awaits it.

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