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بيليك دوزو - Beylikduzu


Beylikduzu is one of the most important new urban areas in the European side of Istanbul. Evidently, it is characterized by its picturesque views, beautiful variety of terrain; And modern urban construction in line with the nature of the region, Along with been surrounded by bodies of water, which give a special glow to the area.

Unquestionably, it is also a refuge for those who want to live in modern, quiet, and fully serviced areas. What is more, Beylikduzu is special by the harmonious existence of nature and urbanization, where everyone can live the diversity of life that he or she desires, despite of being near to the historical and lively city center, where it is very crowded with locals and tourists – which, by the way, is a very positive point for the area – as it is away only a few kilometers from the center.

Special vital and touristic centers in the area:

Buyukcekmece Bridge or ‘’Suleiman the Magnificent’’

The bridge of Buyukcekmece lake or ‘’Suleiman the Magnificent’’ is one of the main touristic attractions in beylikduzu. Besides, it was built by the Othmani Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the sixteenth century and designed by the creative, famous architect and designer Sinan Agha.

Further, the length of the historical bridge is 636 meters and the wide of it is about 7.17 meters. Otherwise, it consists of 28 striking arches that are distributed between the main four sections that shape it, which gives an enchanting and distinctive view of Beylikduzu cost.

Buyukcekmece cost

The lake’s cost features by being large and calm, providing a distinctive atmosphere for recreation, Along with enjoying nature. In addition to many places for picnicking. Also, there are gardens where are located directly on its shores places equipped and designated for swimming along the cost.

Tweet Show Center ‘’ Exhibition Space ‘’

An exhibition and conference center was established in 1996. Besides, it frequently witnesses the holding of many large exhibitions, with a space area of many large exhibitions, with an area of 60,000 square meters.

Shopping in Beylikduzu

The region includes many of the largest shopping centers that provide all individual or family needs. Moreover, these centers include the most famous and finest international brands.

One of the first shopping centers that can be mentioned when it comes to Beylikduzu is the Marmara Park Mall. In fact, it is one of the most important malls in Istanbul as it meets all needs from foodstuffs to electrical devices and electronic hardware.

Restaurant in Beylikduzu

The region’s restaurants are available in most of its neighborhoods. Besides, these restaurants cater all tastes, thanks to providing eastern and western dishes.

The importance of investment in the area of Beylikduzu

The area testifies a great growth and improvement in the reconstruction movement. it has a strong new info structure. In addition to the modern architectural design, equally with the diversity of its neighborhoods that are affected by the beautiful European design.

So concerning housing or investment in this area, we can admit that for sure it will be successful. Thanks to the magnificent nature as well as the availability of many services. What is more, this area is not only located nearby the main transportation lines, but also it has a strategic role in serving the new urban sprawl areas on the outskirts of the city, to be a central point in what is named today by ‘’New Istanbul’’.

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