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شيشلي - sisli


First of all, Sisli is one of Istanbul’s 39 major municipalities along with being one of the oldest historical places located in the European side of the city. In fact, it is a touristic destination full of vibes of history and civilization spanning dozens of centuries.

Besides, the distinctive location on which Sisli is located today is the center of the European side of Istanbul, which has made it the first commercial center and an interesting area for international institutions and companies. Also, it features by a distinctive beautiful mixture that combines the presence of modern architecture with skyscrapers. Plus, old traditional buildings distributed over its neighborhood, creating a unique ethnic diversity.

Vital centers and distinctive touristic attractions in the area :

What is more, Sisli is full of vital centers and touristic attractions that meet all the needs that many residents or visitors as well will need for instance:

Istanbul Military Museum in Turkish ‘’ Askeri Muze ‘’

It is a museum that attests to the ancient history of the ottoman army over a period of nearly 700 years and contains thousands of artifacts such as swords, shields and many more. It was built by Ahmed Fathi Pasha and managed by Ahmed Mukhtar Pasha between the following years ( 1908-1926).

Ataturk Museum

A historical museum that shows stages of life of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey. Also, this museum was established in the house of Ataturk where pictures, properties, and paintings of Ataturk are displayed.

Sisli Mosque

One of the most famous religious landmarks in the region. It was established in 1950 AD, in the manner of the old Ottoman architectural style used in the construction of mosques, with full consideration of the smallest details. In addition to the Quranic verses on the walls.

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

First, the cathedral is the second largest Catholic church in the city  after Saint Anton Cathedral, which is located on Istiklal Street, in beyoglu district in Istanbul.

Second, the Cathedral of Holy Spirit was built in the Baroque style in 1846, by the oversight of the Swiss-Italian architect Giuseppe Fossati.

Third, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit was the destination of a number of popes during their visit to Turkey, including Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis.

Malls and shopping centers in Sisli

  • Jewels Mall
  • Canyon Shopping Center
  • Metro City Shopping Center
  • Profilo Shopping Center
  • Diamound of Istanbul
  • Istanbul Sapphire
  • Sabanci Center
  • Sisli Plaza

The importance of investment:

Indeed, Sisli is a central location in the heart of the vital areas of Istanbul. Besides, its proximity to Taksim, which doubles the desire of investing along with living in it.

So as I have mentioned above, the region is a commercial center and a central market in which all means of transport are available and equipped with modern and developed infrastructure and famous areas in Istanbul such as ( Besiktas – Kabtas – Levent – Sariyer – Fatih – Eyup ). Therefore, it is one of the most attractive areas in Istanbul.

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