Discover with us the most important means of transport in Istanbul

means of transport in Istanbul

The means of transport in Istanbul

Turkey is considered as one of the most touristic countries in the world, So, in line with the urgent need for strong transportation, the Turkish government has provided a wide network of roads and means of transport with international specifications that facilitate transportation in the purpose of saving time and effort, Especially in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, and Izmir.

Public transportation in Turkey is heavily congested at peak hours, in the early morning as well as in the evening, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, which has been privatized exclusively with the metrobus highway by the government.


What are the main means of transport in turkey?

  • The metrobus highway :

The metrobus highway is one of the fastest means of transport that the Turkish government  and Istanbul municipality as well have been provided by allocating a bus route in the middle of the main E-5 line where there are metrobus stations in all areas of the city relating both the European an Asian side.

So, you can benefit from the fastest means of transport by using the card of Istanbul that must be already charged, therefore,  we are suggesting you to read more information in a previous article.

  • Subway

It is considered as one of the fast means of transport in Turkey that is available only in the major cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Ankara. Besides, it covers large areas of these cities thanks to the government high attention shown through periodic expansion and renewal processes. Further, the subway can be used by transportation cards, as the metro autonomy tariff varies according to the destination.

  • Dalmosh

They are defined as  small buses with a limited number of seats and empty spaces, each one of these busses has a specific itinerary, So in order to use this tool of transport you will have to pay cash at rates starting from 2.5tl according to the latest tariff update.

Dalmash is located near famous sites of the city, bus stations along with important and popular road junctions as well. What is more, you can also point it out so as to ride in case you are familiar with its route, which facilitate the transportation in the city.

  • Public buses or Autobus

A fast means of transport that provides ease of transportation in Turkey. In fact, it works within a specific times and route. Otherwise, there is hardly a city that is not covered by the public bus network. Each bus has a specific starting and ending point. Besides, the autobus passes on its way through substations, and it can be taken with a transportation card or card of Istanbul.

  • Taxis

Taxis is one of the important means of transport in turkey that are equipped with digital meters. So, if you decided to take a taxis and you notice that the meter is not working , you can ask the driver to turn it on and make sure of the desired destination. But it still better to write the address or send the map location to the driver.

  • The tram or Tramvay

The tram is another method of the most important ways of transport in Turkey. It is available in most cities. Moreover, it is fast, comfortable and cheap, which puts it among the best means of transportation in the country. In fact, it is considered a major and comfortable way to visit the historical side of the city, its touristic and archaeological areas as well, simply by using transportation cards.

  • Turkey airports

Recently, in Turkish republic there are 58 local and international airports. Furthermore, there are 36 airports considered as the most huge of the country where is provided international and local services.


What are the most important airports in Turkey ?

New Istanbul Airport :

Is one of the largest airports in the world, in terms of space, with a capacity that could reach 200 million passengers annually by 2028.


Sabiha Gokcen International Airport :

Is considered as the second airport in Istanbul, It is located in the Asian side of the city. Indeed, it is characterized by the turnout of international and local travelers.


Ankara Airport :

Approximately receives about 11 million international passengers per year thanks to the fact that the state is the second important touristic destination in Turkey after Istanbul.

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