Iraqis are the top of the list of the Turkish real estate purchase by May

Iraqis are the top of the list of the Turkish real estate purchase by May

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First of all, nowadays real estate purchases showed an increase of 16.2%, across Turkey, to reach 59,166 real estate sold properties, according to the Turkish Statistical Institution, lately announced about statistics of real estate purchases for the month of May.


Istanbul sales rise : 

Mainly, Istanbul topped the highest rank of purchasing properties by selling 11,356 homes with 19.2%. In addition to Ankara with 5,653 sold homes, Along with a share of 9.6 percent as well as Izmir city with 3298 sales and a share of 5.6 percent.


Ardahan and Hakkari are Less demand : 

Next, the provinces with the lowest number of home sales were Ardahan with seven houses, and Hakkari with 11 houses, Along with Bayburt with 26 houses respectively.


Additionally, the institute’s data indicated that mortgage housing sales amounted to 10,560 in May, down 42.9% compared to the same month last year, and the share of mortgaged real estate sales amounted to 17.8%.

What is more, In mortgage sales, Istanbul ranked first with 2,210 housing sales and a share of 20.9%, while there were no sales of mortgaged homes in Hakkari and Şırnak provinces, just a home was sold, Along with an other one that is mortgaged in Ardahan.

Moreover, real estate sales in Turkey in May increased by 49.8% compared to the same month in the previous year and became 48,606. Furthermore, In other properties sales, Istanbul ranked first as well with 9,146 of real estate sales and a share of 18.8%.


Ankara is in second place : 

So, the share of other sales in total real estate  sales in Istanbul was 80.5%.  Ankara ranked second with 4,277 other sold properties, followed by Izmir with 2,560 housing sales.

Besides, the province with the lowest sales ranking was Ardahan with six sold properties.

Also, used home sales across Turkey increased by 20.2% in May compared to the same month in the previous year and amounted to 40,962.


Selling used homes: 

In fact, in used home sales, Istanbul ranked first with 8,203 real estate properties and a share of 20.0%, with the share of used home sales of total housing sales in Istanbul reaching 72.2%. Apart from that, Ankara city ranked second in used home sales with 4,497 home sales, followed by  Izmir with sales of 2440 homes.


Therefore we can conclude that properties sales to foreigners also increased by 24.9% compared to the same period of last year and amounted to 15740 housing units


Iraq topping: 

Thanks to all what have mentioned above, Iraqi nationality topped real estate properties sales, when talking about foreigners customers with 239 housing units, followed by Iranian nationality with 231 properties, then Russians with 119 unites, Afghanistan with 98 homes and Germany with 87 homes.


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