Shopping centers in Istanbul

Shopping centers in Istanbul

Istanbul shopping centers are amazing. So when you visit the city, you will not only go to parks, museums and squares, but you must be struck by the abundance of luxury shopping centers there, and equally by their huge size, In addition to, the aesthetics of their stunning construction.

Istanbul has more than 200 shopping centers, among which are classified to be the best in Europe. Next, what distinguishes these centers is their provision of distinctive services in order to satisfy the visitorsas much as it possible.

So, in this article you will discover the most important shopping centers in Istanbul that you must visit if you want to shop during your visit to the city.


Mall of Istanbul

Generally, Mall of Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centers in Turkey. What is more, it contains more than 350 famous shop for the most known international and Turkish brands.

In fac,t it may takes more than a day to enjoy roaming in it and discover all its amazing places. Otherwise, the store displays vary between fashion, electronics, folk food, home furniture, and children’s games. Furthermore, it also contains the largest covered Moipark which is characterized by a unique imaginary horror house, a wide range of games suitable for different ages, along with the largest cinemas. Apart from this, Mall of Istanbul was officially


Istinye Park Shopping Centers

Istinye Park Mall is located in Sariyer district, Istanbul. Indeed, it is one of the most luxurious as well as prestigious malls of the city. It contains more than 300 stores and it gathers the most famous international brands such as Chanel, Cartier and many more Turkish luxury brands as well. Moreover, the mall contains a lot of restaurant and cafes, in addition to cinemas, and children’s entertainment parks.


Forum Istanbul

Forum Istanbul Mall was opened in Kocatepe distract in the European side by the beginning of 2009, Where there is Turku Azoo Aquarium, that is known by the largest shark family in Europe, Along with many rare fish species. Besides, an ice rink, a bowling alley, a center for children’s game, as well as cinemas with advanced and developed technologies.


Istanbul Cevahir Malll

Cevahir Mall is located in the Sisli area in the European side of Istanbul. It is known as Mall of Arab between Turkish people. This Mall is famous by a large clock which is installed in the middle of the glass ceiling, In addition to a theater equipped with a hydraulic system in the middle of the center surrounded by a pool of water, which is used for artistic performances. Further, the number of shops in the Mall is more than 350 stores , three cinemas, and children’s entertainment parks. Besides, the luxurious and upscale hotels around it.


Kanyon Shopping Mall

Kaynon Shopping Mall is located in levent area. This Mall is designed in a curved manner that resembles a valley, which is the meaning of the word ‘’Kayon’’ in Turkish. It includes 160 shops, most of them are famous Turkish and International brands. Also, the first Apple store in Europe, in addition to a lot of amazing restaurants and cafes, a cinema as well as a gym for women.


Trump Towers Shopping Centers

Trump towers are located in the Sisli area and include about 175 stores of the best brands locally and internationally.

The Mall is characterized by providing a ‘’ Disney’’ theater with a capacity that reaches about 600 people.


Istanbul Power Outlet Shopping Centers

This Mall is located in Bagcilar area, it includes more than 175 shops of the best Turkish and international brands. What is more, there is a covered children’s gymnasium in the Mall, 3D cinemas, a skating rink, bowling, as well as a lot of restaurants and cafes.


Vadistanbul Sopping Mall

Vadistanbul is located in the Sariyer region and includes more than 300 clothing stores from all the famous international brands. Besides, it contains many cafes, restaurants, and gaming centers for both adults and children. It is also distinguished by one of the latest cinematographic shows technologies in the world.

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