شيشلي - sisli

Discover with us the area of Sisli in Istanbul

Sisli First of all, Sisli is one of Istanbul’s 39 major municipalities along with being one of the oldest historical places located in the European side of the city. In fact, it is a touristic destination full of vibes of history and civilization spanning dozens of centuries. Besides, the distinctive location on which Sisli is located today is the center of the European side of Istanbul, which has...

بيليك دوزو - Beylikduzu

Discover with us the area of Beylikduzu in Istanbul

Beylikduzu Beylikduzu is one of the most important new urban areas in the European side of Istanbul. Evidently, it is characterized by its picturesque views, beautiful variety of terrain; And modern urban construction in line with the nature of the region, Along with been surrounded by bodies of water, which give a special glow to the area. Unquestionably, it is also a refuge for those who want to live...

Avcilar - افجلار

Discover with us the area of Avcilar in Istanbul

Avcilar  Avcilar in Turkish:  Avcılar  it means the hunters. In fact, it is one of the central areas in Istanbul. Since it is located in the middle of the European side, its atmosphere is full of life and ancient history. So, Avcilar is bordered by the Marmara Sea from the south, Along the lake of Kucukcekmece from the west ; While from the east there is the following regions: Esenyurt and...

Basin Express - باسن اكسبرس

Discover with us the area of Basin Express in Istanbul

Basin Express Basin Express – The Turkish government in Istanbul has begun working on establishing major projects that comply with international standards in terms of design and service. Besides, it relied on the prepared areas, whether as infrastructure or the features that make the area and the apartments as well. Strong opportunity for investors. The Basin Express located in the European section...

Bahcesehir - بهتشه شهير

Discover with us the area of Bahcesehir in Istanbul

Bahcesehir Bahcesehir is one of the area overseen by Basaksehir Municipality, one of the 39 Istanbul’s Municipalities. The area is far from the city center about 25 Km. Apart from this, it is one of the safest areas which interest the high-end layer, Thanks to its safe urban development. What is more, it also has a calm relaxing atmosphere, natural beauty, and charming diversity in the terrain....

Bakirkoy - بكركوي

Discover with us the area of Bakirkoy in Istanbul

Bakirkoy First of all, Bakirkoy is located in the center of the European side of Istanbul. This area has a beautiful coastline stretching over the Marmara sea, which contributes to its mild climate, and charming natural view integrated with its pretty high-end neighborhoods. For instance, Floria, Atakoy, Yashilyurt and Yashilkoy neighborhood. Second, there is a former Ataturk Airport in the region,...

Shopping centers in Istanbul

Shopping centers in Istanbul

Istanbul shopping centers are amazing. So when you visit the city, you will not only go to parks, museums and squares, but you must be struck by the abundance of luxury shopping centers there, and equally by their huge size, In addition to, the aesthetics of their stunning construction. Istanbul has more than 200 shopping centers, among which are classified to be the best in Europe. Next, what...

means of transport in Istanbul

  Discover with us the most important means of transport in Istanbul

The means of transport in Istanbul Turkey is considered as one of the most touristic countries in the world, So, in line with the urgent need for strong transportation, the Turkish government has provided a wide network of roads and means of transport with international specifications that facilitate transportation in the purpose of saving time and effort, Especially in major cities like Istanbul, Ankara,...

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport .. The Meeting of Authenticity and Modernity

Istanbul Airport Its architectural style includes the cultural inventory of Istanbul and has won many international awards before its opening. It is being built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters and will have an annual capacity of 200 million passengers. Istanbul's new airport, which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to open the first phase of it on the anniversary of founding...

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