The Bosphorus of Istanbul – The magic of nature and heart of civilization

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Istanbul, the city that has a very welcoming vibes, historically known as Constantinople, In fact, it was and it still the city that no one can forget. Indeed, it is hands down one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the perfect balance of cultures, architecture, friendly people and delicious food.


Along with that, the city features by great variety of terrain; Mountains, hills, plains, valleys, rivers as well as lakes. Plus, sea views with one of the most beautiful and important straits in the world.


Let’s get to know the Bosphorus Strait   

The Bosphorus Strait is a magical and beautiful landscape in the city; It forms the water border separating Asia and Europe. In spite of being the connecting point between them as well. What is more, the Bosporus connects various seas along the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Near East and Western Eurasia, and specifically connects the Black Sea to the sea of Marmara.


Furthermore, the Asian and European side, as well as the area of Fatih, are connected to one another through bridges that have become iconic visual representations of the city.


Bisphorus Strait and Tourism   

So first of all, the distinctive location of the Bisphorus Strait has made it the center of interest of the kings and sultans who ruled the region for thousands of years. Where they exploit places from its banks to build castles and ramparts along with palaces.


Additionally, these epochs left behind a legacy and civilization that is still witnessing till these days. So, now it becomes one of the most visited and touristic places in the world. That’s why, the strait is the main passageway in the city;


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Especially if you had the opportunity to live on its banks or in one of the hotels in that area that features by charming views of Bosphorus.


The importance of investment in the region of Bosphorus Strait   

The Turkish real estate market is knowing a great expansion and improvement  in the pace of reconstruction and construction movement, with a focus on strengthening the infrastructure in the interior areas that will be the center of the ‘’ new Istanbul ‘’.


Further, real estate in the new areas is witnessing a variety of options as well as prices, In addition to featuring by a profitable investment, in the long term.


Nevertheless, the areas adjacent to the Bosphorus and the old city center remain the most attractive places for investors despite being the highest in prices, they are not good enough like the construction in the new developed areas. Since most of them are historical buildings. Therefore, the state provides special care to these area, in order to preserve their culture and heritage value.


However, this does not negate the presence of new residential complexes and real estate in the region of Bosphorus that feature with amazing views on the most prominent and touristic attractions in the city.


As the new projects in the European section of Istanbul in Sisli, Taksim, Beyaglu and Sultan Ayobe district, provide the advantages of charming views along with being near by most of historical monuments; The Asian side also provides similar options in the projects of Uskudar and kadikoy, which overlook on the strait and the Gulf.

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