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Who are we ?

          Alamany real estate company, is located in Istanbul, Turkey. In fact, it is an extension of Nabaa al-Mimar for enterprises, which was established in Arabic Saudi since 2006, and after its success and development during the previous period, it had to develop its activity through expansion in neighboring international markets. So that, Turkey was the chosen country. Result in the fact that the great mouvement and development that the Turkish economy has being knowing since the previous years, which provided promising investment opportunities, especially in the field of real estate.

Our vision :

          Alamany real estate company considers the real  estate market in the Arab Gulf as well as Turkey as complementary, thanks to the presence of many of many strong ties that bind them for hundreds of years, Along with being in line with the abundance of all kinds of opportunities available for real estate investment. That’s why the company has set its marketing stations in most Gulf countries and Turkey as well.

Our goal :

           Indeed, Alamany  company seek to expand in the whole Turkey to be one of the leading companies in the field of real estate by making Turkey the first destination for investors. Moreover, it worths noting that the Alamany for real estate investment, knows a widespread activity. In fact, they are specialized in the marketing of real estate projects, inside and outside Istanbul, by including all types of real estate such as:

  1. Apartments of all kinds ( smart apartments / modern apartments / apartments overlooking the sea / near the center / duplexes and others ….. )
  2. All kinds of luxury villas ( villas with sea view / villas fo investment .. etc)
  3. Agricultural lands and lands intended for projects construction
  4. Large and small stores ( shops / offices / libraries, ect …)

         What is more, alamany company for real estate investment seeks to provide the best investment opportunities, the closest and the most appropriate to the requests of their customers, taking into account their financial bugget.

          Importantly, Alamany for real estate investment provides additional services related to real estate whether for rent or for reselling the real estate. So in the purpose of fully managing the property as well as knowing enough information about our services, please click here.

Vision of Alamany group for real estate investment :

         To sum up, we look passionately at future opportunities and we are promising you to provide the finest consulting services that help all investors who are interested in the Turkish real estate sector.

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